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Inspired by and in honor of Kola the orphan Navajo foal who lost her mother to slaughter at just 8 weeks old

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Kola touched the wolrd with loveKola’s sweet gentle spirit will live on forever as a true Ambassador for the world’s horses. This brave little warrior taught by example of how to forgive and trust in the face of betrayal… and how to be strong against all odds. She lived her short life with honor and courage. And, just as she looked out for her family of orphaned foal friends, Kola now continues to watch over all the little foals.

Kola was found, weak and in a state of shock at a local stockyard, together with several other orphaned foals, many of which like Kola, were just weeks old. Too young to be weaned; their lives were in grave danger after losing their mothers. They were rescued and evacuated out of New Mexico by the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) Navajo Horses Rescue Saving Kolaand Recovery Mission. Deprived of their Mother's milk to nourish and protect them, it would now take many months to restore their delicate systems with special milk-replacer feeds and immune building supplements to help them be able to grow and thrive. Expert equine veterinarians and professional rescue team members worked around the clock day in and day out to help these little horse babies recover.

Kola and her friends had the hands of angels upon them and were bathed in love from the time they were rescued. However for sweet Kola her struggles were far beyond what anyone could imagine. Kola was a fighter and a survivor, but she could not withstand the injuries she sustained as a result of the brutal roundups, and losing her Mother at just 8 weeks old. Kola was surrounded in sacred beauty through to her final moments by the entire team of kind and compassionate veterinarians and loving volunteers who never once gave up on her.

The significant marking of time in the lives of these sacred Navajo foals, sends a powerful message of just how delicate and precious life is, and how important it is to protect and honor these majestic beings. These holy and sacred Navajo foals are healing our hearts and showing the world how horses and burros can in truth heal our lands. Through Kola’s inspirational story of courage and survival, she will continue to strengthen our hearts and bring us hope for generations to come.

Kola's Legacy Fund

Make a one time donation

Inspired by and in honor of Kola the orphan Navajo foal who lost her mother to slaughter at just 8 weeks old


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