Volunteer to help Rescue Horses in Need

Off site volunteers: social outreach, research, telephone communications, data entry, and general administrative support. Volunteers will work remotely from their home.

Volunteers can work remotely from their home or if you reside in the area of one of our equine rescue and sanctuary facilities, you may be able to help hands-on with rescue horses in need.

Sanctuary Help: Type of assistance needed: mucking, grooming, fixing fences, observing behavior patterns, performing site checks and more.

WFLF's educational program enlightens the public about equine protection issues, advocates for public policies toVolunteer BNR protect animals, partners with corporations and community minded companies on behalf of animal-friendly policies, investigates animal cruelty and provides animal rescue. We are seeking dedicated and compassionate volunteers with strong attention to detail.

Transporters: Experienced transport assistance needed, with or without full size truck w/GN for hauling.

Farrier: If you can donate hoof care or otherwise help defray farrier costs in any way, your support will be greatly appreciated. Volunteered professional services qualify as in-kind donations and are tax deductible.

Trainers: Many of our rescue horses need training to learn new skills. If you are an experienced trainer and would like to volunteer your services, contact us. Professional volunteered services qualify as an In-Kind donation and are tax deductible.

Veterinary Care is also needed on an ongoing basis. We are constantly raising funds for regular meds, basic medical treatment and emergency care. Volunteer professional services qualify as in-kind donations and are tax deductible.

Events: Location and dates vary


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WFLF's Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Network (SHRRN) is dedicated to providing for the urgent needs of horses and burros found in life threatening situations. Membership in the WFLF Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Program is limited to qualified individuals and rescue groups whose mission, ethics, values and adoption policies allign with those of WFLF and its Saving America's Horses Initiative. WFLF utilizes best practices in screening participant candidates to insure that rescued equines coming in through the WFLF program will always be treated with respect and kindness, and never be subject to roundup or slaughter again. Participants must also agree to oversight measures to insure that animals under the WFLF umbrella will always be cared for humanely, will not be neglected, abandoned or abused, not be sold, or given away, or auctioned, nor utilized for breeding or racing, or rodeo activities, or for commercial exploitation.

Participation in WFLF's Safe Haven Rescue and Recovery Program is by approval only. Partnership Accredidation under WFLF's Safe Haven Network is by invitation only and is a privilege which can be revoked if the partnering organization or facility operators fail to uphold WFLF Policies, Standards of Care Procedures, Code of Ethics, Foster/ Adoption Requirements and Policies, and or Best Practices.

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