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Television viewers get a peek behind the veil at one of America’s dirtiest little secrets when “Living Your Dreams” puts the topic of horse processing and wild horse round ups under the spotlight. The show is hosted by best-selling author, transformational life coach Mara Brown, who recently discovered her beloved horse, Sassy (1) had been shipped off to slaughter. Brown is dedicating this segment in honor of Sassy (1) and hoping the awareness generated can help save other horses.

Learn more: LIVING YOUR DREAMS host Mara Brown dedicates a segment of her show to Sassy (1) and Sassy (2)! Learn more

Mara Brown and Sassy 1About Sassy (1)

The relationships we share with those we love, whether human animal or non human animal, are sometimes the most telling about who we are as people. In this case, Sassy was a horse that television host, Mara Brown loved and cared deeply for, however Mara's beloved horse Sassy was not her own. Although the deep bond between Mara and Sassy began when they met, Sassy was owned by Mara's former neighbor. Mara spent time with Sassy daily and fell in love with her. But after moving away Mara checked up on her beloved Sassy, and later over time, she was found to be missing. Mara searched for over a year to find Sassy and she was devastated to learn that Sassy had been sent to slaughter.

Most people are shocked and horrified when they 1st learn about horse slaughter. For Mara she first learned about it through the discovery of what happened to Sassy, a horse that she cared deeply about.

Mara wanted to learn more and she also wanted to help to educate other people so that other horses like Sassy could be saved... she dedicated a full segment of her show, LIVING YOUR DREAMS to Sassy so that Sassy's suffering and death would not be in vein.

We salute Mara for her compassion and efforts to raise awareness on this important issue. Through the caring support of people like Mara, others will learn about the need for federal protection of America's horses.

Recent reports indicate that when polled, 80% of the public are firmly against horse slaughter in the U.S.... but even so, the mass majority of the public doesn't have a clue about it.


Bringing Sassy to Safety

Sassy (2):

Sassy a 15 year old registered Thoroughbred mare that never raced. She was about to be sent to slaughter, but thanks to the generous donations by Wild for Life Foundation supporters, we were able to rescue Sassy, bring her to safety pay for her feed, care and training for a year. WFLF's Lifetime Equine Refuge has partnered with SCTR where Sassy has been temporarily placed while being prepared for adoption.

Mara and Sassy (2)LIVING YOUR DREAMS host Mara Brown dedicates a segment of her show to Sassy 1 and Sassy 2! Learn more








Katia, Linda, Sassy, carolyn and Mara

Sassy arrives

Sassy rollin'

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